Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I hate this


Yeah... um.. so this whole plan is horrible and I hate it. I have been so grumpy the last few days!!! I feel so annoyed that I can't have the food I like, and constantly craving stuff. I am struggling during the day, as I am working constantly and do not have the time to go to the shop, buy then prepare food - so this makes it really hard to keep up this bastarding plan! I get to Iain's ravaged and feel barely satisfied, leave a lot of food because I just can't be arsed to eat any more beansprouts!!!!! Please no more stir frys!!!!!

I don't feel bad for eating it, if anything I feel better!! I am letting myself eat more carbs now, purely because I don't like the change in my attitude and I don't want to put diet and fitness over my general wellbeing, plus I think Iain would likely replace me with a very large dumbbell!

So, yay for me for having more carbs, unlucky Iain haha. Fitness is going really well though, really feeling the benefits at the gym and now starting to stick to the exercises that work best for me!

Stil 115lbs, will update if it changes!

Adios amigos!

Rosie xxx


  1. AH, you are so cute. I am loving these updates, from both of you! Trying to eat better myself these days, as well as drink less alcohol...but there are days I'll splurge a little. No sense in cutting out 100% of the things you like, it's not worth being a miserable grump...at least that's what I tell myself! ;) Best of luck to you both, can't wait to see how this week goes!

  2. Hey Rosie,

    Actually this is normal and the fundamental problem is how you are approaching this. As someone who may have been living a less healthy lifestyle and whose body is used to foods this kind of a fitness diet prohibits - you can't just quit those foods and habits cold turkey. You will be cranky, unhappy and your body will fight as hell.

    The only way you can be successful with this plan is if you slowly ween yourself from the stuff you should not eat and 2) spend time on weekends and evenings making big batches of the food for the week you need to eat.

    I'm living a healthy lifestyle and eating very well, going to the gym 4-5 times a week now. It took a few months to slowly stop drinking soda and not crave it. I am now cutting sweets from my diet that are not fruits, etc...but it took months to be able to comfortably shun bad foods and get used to good foods. Don't expect you'd be able to do it for 12-weeks without feeling miserable and totally cheating on this diet/fitness plan.

    What the Guardian didn't tell you is that the best way to be successful with this kind of a diet/fitness plan is to prepare your body for the 12-weeks by building healthy habits and really preparing your muscles and joints for the heavy duty exercise.

    So - think about those things and best of luck!

  3. If you eat more than these stupid 900 calories a day you won't be craving that much. Seriously it's not good.