Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 3 & 4 Iain

Day 3 was a rest day and ive been aching all over. Putting on my work clothes has been a massive effort.

I woke up and had a protein shake followed by a tasty lunch of salad and ham again, its getting boring so going to change it up and have chicken for the next few days.

I had steak for tea and went to the cinema!

Day 4

The aching has started to wear off and ready to hit the gym again. Starting to crave a nice lunch, but true to form I had a salad lunch with some nuts.

Its hard to find a nice lunch unless u pre cook food the night before and after a work out thats the last thing on my mind.

For tea I had salmon stir fry which was lovely and could become a theme over the next 12 weeks.

At the gym I did the same cycle as day 1 and will be doing the same next week.

Wk 3 a new cycle starts.

Ive added some pics of how to do the decline plank. Alternate your legs 4 sets 25 reps. Looking forward to completing my first week.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 2... Cravings!!

Put down the squares Rosie!!! Today was HARD. Due to my massive tax bill, today was a pretty glum day - saying goodbye to a substantial amount of my savings and dreading how on earth I am going to earn enough to cover next year and actually save, too. The squares were calling my name... Alas, somehow I did resist, but it's officially harder than yesterday.

Trying to find low carb meals is proving especially hard - for me, it doesn't feel like a meal unless you've had something lovely and carby! Walking through the supermarket, EVERYTHING IS A DAMN CARB!!!!!!! I managed to settle on a beef, sausage and chorizo stirfry (yum) and had a banana and sultanas and some angel delight (only the yum topping bit though, who wants the gross part underneath?!) but maaaaaan those crisps looked appealing!!!!

Total calories: 900 ish?!

The gym is good fun though, I can't stress enough how much nicer it is going with Iain than going alone. Not only do you not feel like you are trying to "fit something else in" to your schedule (still quality time together!) but I also feel like it's a fun place to goof around too.

I did 10mins high resistance cycling, 5 mins on the elliptical trainer and then the rest weights etc. Still doesn't feel right to be doing so little cardio, so we're doing classes once a week and i will do an extra 30mins cardio whilst iain does swimming some days.

Tomorrow is our day off, we're off to watch Les Mis and eating out, which should be interesting!!!!!!

Currently craving a mcdonalds and hoping to start seeing some progress this week. And at least this plan is a nice distraction to having to worry about my financial woes!! :'( That's one thing this week has taught me - no matter what, Iain is always here for a hug and he'll love me whether I'm rich or poor or sweaty or craving squares. There's a lot more important things in life than money and houses and holidays, and one of those things is being happy in yourself and being healthy and having a supportive partner!!!!!!

Thanks guys for reading if you made it this far :D

Rosie xxx

Day 2 Iain Big Cravings

Having spent most of my day wanting a pizza, mac donalds or nandos (anything with lots of fat) I was faced with a lovely plate of tuna salad for lunch! Wow what a delight, however surprisingly it was nice and tasted much better than ham salad.

I am beginning to feel Mondays session and I rewarded my body with a protein shake and nuts, how nice of me.

So todays session was lower body.

Squats 4 sets 8 reps (I have a knee injury so couldn't do this exercise)

Hamstring curls 6 sets 6 reps
Incline back extension sets 4 reps 8
Calf raise sets 4 reps 12
Hanging leg raise (photo below) sets 4 reps 15
Decline dumbell crunch (photo below) sets 4 reps 12

This work out isnt as strenuous as day 1 which came as a lovely surprise.

Bring on day 3.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 1 - Rosie

So, Day 1 here we go.

Got home this morning and realized I had a packet of squares in my bag, torturous but managed to resist! High five to me. So far the intake today looks like this

- chicken slices, 100cal
- a handful of yummy sultanas, 100cal
- 1litre of elderflower flavoured sparkling water 20cal
- 1/3 chicken, roasted 300 cals
- 1 cup roasted veg 200 cals
-  corn on cob - 60 cals
- 1 banana 80 cals

total calories: 860

My main meal is currently roastin' in the oven.

As I'm short, I weigh less than most normal sized people but look the same. So I tend not to eat as many calories either. I usually have either one main meal + snacks per day or two main meals. Currently I also try to not eat too late (post 7.30pm) because I feel more bloated in the mornings when I do that - and that's one things I'm going to keep the same.

I'm swapping out my snacks for meat slices (mmm? :S) and fruit, swapping out coca cola for flavoured sparkly water and sticking to one main evening meal pre 7.30pm. I'll be eating a lot fewer carbs and a lot more protein. I'm interested to see how this affects me.

The gym was good, it's strange following Iain's routine and doing about 20mins of cardio and the rest weights though!! So far I can only lift 5-10kgs, haha. Feeling good today, excited to see what changes there are but I tend to be impatient with slowness so I might be eating those squares next week!! :P

Rosie xxx

Day 1

Day 1: Iain

A photo showing my body in its current state, nothing amazing but good enough for the plan!

A picture of my lunch consisted of, salad, tomatoes, peppers and lots of ham. YES it is as boring as it looks and I'm Not excited for 2moros lunch but it filled me up! Tuna tomorrow I cant wait ;)!

Just came back from the gym and I'm exhausted, couldnt complete all the reps but pushed as hard as I could.

Today was upper body: Incline bench press 8 reps 4 sets, tricep dips, 8 reps 4 sets, chin up , 8 reps 4 sets, rack dead lift, you guessed it 8 reps 4 sets. High pull 8 reps 4 sets and decline plank 4 sets 25 reps.

As soon as I finished,  down a protein shake and collapse to the floor. Thats what I felt like doing.

Tomorrow lower body.........

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Here we go...

Hi it's Iain,

For those who don't know me, I have decided to start this blog to see if a body plan can actually work. I came across the 12 week body plan on the Daily Mail a few weeks ago and thought if your able to transform your body this significantly in 12 weeks its worth a go.

I used to be a regular gym user, however I haven't been to the gym for over a year but I do play regular sport. I've always wanted a well toned body, nothing over the top like 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' in his hey-day but something to be proud of.

I have joined Virgin Active in Didsbury and will be following the plan to the T. At the moment I have an injury to my knee by striking the ball too hard and my knee came out of its socket lol, now my girl friend calls me peg leg! Me and Rosie went to the supermarket to stock up on all our food for the week to go with the plan and basically you buy meat, meat, meat and more meat, but throw in some vegetables so you HIT that 5 a day that we all aspire to do!!

This blog will be my diary and up dated everyday with my progress (including photos), obstacles, struggles and will be 110% honest about the plan. I'm not promising to look like I should be on the front of Mens Fitness (If I do I expect to be on it ) but I will be putting this plan to the test to see if they actually work.

Please feel free to write questions/opinions and progress if your undertaking something similar and wanting to follow a body plan.

Here we go.............

Iain :) aka Peg leg

Rosie's bit!

Hey guys, Rosie here. Iain's long suffering girlfriend. :P
I'm also joining in this 12 week plan, not so much because I'm desperate for a 6 pack and guns of steel, but more because he's my boyfriend and I love him, gyms are scary on your own and I'm not 100% happy with my body.

For as long as I can remember I've fluctuated between being comfortable/uncomfortable with my weight, all the while staying around the 117lbs mark. I'm about 5'2, which is normal and healthy and all that jazz, but sometimes just doesn't feel comfortable. At my recent lowest, I was 108lbs, at my recent highest I was 119lbs. I've had a typical female love/hate relationship with food and my body, so the last thing I want to do is turn this into an unhealthy obsession, or finish and then swing the other way into a jabba-the-hut-esque-food-muncher. So for that reason I am not being as strict as Iain, but will blog about my daily food intake and reasons why along the way.

I think ideally I'd like to see myself become more physically fit and a bit leaner, I'd like smaller thighs and arms. But again, what's most important is feeling comfortable to me. I think a lot of the time people try to say "woah, you're already small, why you gonna diet?" or "You don't need to diet, you're already slim." I am not overweight, and I am not fat, but I sometimes do not feel comfortable, and I think that may resonate with my fellow not-fat-not-comfortable friends.

It's going to be an interesting 12 weeks, we're taking our "before" pics tomorrow morning.
I vow to be honest, with my struggles and with my successes.

Wish us luck!!

Rosie :)