Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 5 - Rosie & Iain

Soooooo it looks like I will be posting on both of our behalves today since this is iain's current state:

Today I am shattterrred! I cleaned my flat all day ready for the upcoming inspection and after the gym I am wiped out - we did a mix of upper body/lower body weights today, no cardio at all. It hurts my arms to even type this and it feels like im doing a set of situps when I sneeze or cough!!!!

HOWEVER I weighed myself this morning - 115lbs! So 3lbs down, huzzah!

Today I ate chicken slices and we had a stir fry with steak, sausage and chorizo! yum. We've been drinking sparkly elderflower water instead of cola, too - LOVE the taste, even tastes better!!!

In other news we are moving in together in September!!! :D How fun!! Very exciting for me anyway, and the cat is looking forward to having a male role model! I am too shattered to write any more, am gonna go pass out on iain

niggghtt! xxx

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