Tuesday, 5 February 2013

DAY 8 & 9

Super excited for another week of ham/chicken salad, however to make the lunches a little more bearable I have bought guacamole to comfort the sweet taste of leaves! Having said that, the meals are working and I have lost weight.

On this program you start off by losing weight and slowly building up the muscle throughout the 12 weeks and toning the body. The diet is not working out for Rosie, she is craving all the foods the diet slates and beginning to see a mood swing to grumpyville! So to act more normally we have decided to have one meal a week of our choice which we both crave! (we wont be having Mac D's or Dominoes, I'm talking about adding potatoes to a meal, aren't we lucky)

When I bought Whey Protein before we started the course, the guy at the counter gave me a free sachet, which apparently improved your gym work out enormously. Your meant to take the sachet 30 minutes before the gym, which I did on Friday. I was pre-warned that you feel a tingling sensation when sachet starts working and suddenly your like Hercules lifting double you used to.........

Well that's the impression the guy at the nutrition shop gave me, instead it didn't improve my ability to lift heavier weights or reps. What I really felt:  a tingling session started 1 hour after taking the sachet and it felt like pins and needles which became annoying after a while but I thought it would subside. It didn't subside, so I had the image of Hercules in my head and thinking about lifting this ridiculous weight until I was very disappointed to find out that I was lifting worse. Then I started feeling dizzy and everyone in the gym looked like a blurr. I don't have bad eye sight but it felt like looking through my Grans 3.5 strong glasses. Then I went into a psychedelic trance trying to work out if Rosie was Rosie or a BIG dumb bell! I couldn't see anything and Rosie had to sit me down for 5 mins before I came around.

Stay away unless it works for you  and become the Hercules I never did.

On Day 8 I did the same work out as day 1 and today I did the same work out as day 2. Next week the cycle changes and becomes intense. 

Don't feel too jealous of my lunch below.........

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