Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 7! Our Week of Meat - Rosie

I hate meat. I honestly cannot look at another sausage without feeling a sense of dread! :P Okay, so our week has been okay, meat isn't that bad, but oh my goodness how I forgot how much fun got sucked out of life when you start avoiding certain foods.

I feel like all my old dieting demons have come back and said hello this week - there's the rush of pride you get when you climb into bed having completed a full day without "breaking the rules" and the guilt when you do. It has been important for me to fight this - I don't want to feel like having bread or chips makes the day a failure. It makes me remember how easy it is to give up and slip into a binge, and that's ground I really don't want to walk on again.

We're easing up on the rules a bit - we think that although it seemed easy at first to just avoid carbs and cut about 85% of them out, it's actually pretty hard. I think sometimes it's not a good idea to just cut out the foods you think are "bad", because damn it makes you crave it! I'd loooove a happy meal, or crispy beef with salt and pepper chips, or fish and chips..... sigh! So we're easing up a bit.

So, here is the staple of our diet this week.

Hitting the gym four times a week, with a lovely spot of swimming afterwards! I can already see a difference in both Iain & my own physique - pics to post soon of our one week progress!! Woohoo! Iain has lost weight too, which apparently is the idea of the plan - to lose fat first, then build the muscle?!

Off to bed now for a good kip, today I have been drained to the max!!!

Night guys xxx


  1. Glad your being sensible about your eating,wouldn't want you to slip back into a bad relationship with food! i'm currently battling and struggling my way out of one and can imagen that ever dieting again would take me ten steps back, but sounds like your already being careful about that anyway so that's great :) just hope you stay healthy and happy most importantly!! plus the exercise sounds great, i used to fear using weights would bulk me up but that would take crazy dedicated gym trips which don't happen and crazy heavy weights, so i just stick with lower and more reps! :P and its actually so good for you and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn everyday even when your a couch potato, so yay for that!

  2. and don't beat yourself up about being hungrier than you may have used to be, your body knows what it needs and it needs food to fuel these gym trips and to repair that muscle being made! (my body sometimes seems to crave a generous serving of sponge pudding after a work out- i'm not gonna argue! :P)