Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 2... Cravings!!

Put down the squares Rosie!!! Today was HARD. Due to my massive tax bill, today was a pretty glum day - saying goodbye to a substantial amount of my savings and dreading how on earth I am going to earn enough to cover next year and actually save, too. The squares were calling my name... Alas, somehow I did resist, but it's officially harder than yesterday.

Trying to find low carb meals is proving especially hard - for me, it doesn't feel like a meal unless you've had something lovely and carby! Walking through the supermarket, EVERYTHING IS A DAMN CARB!!!!!!! I managed to settle on a beef, sausage and chorizo stirfry (yum) and had a banana and sultanas and some angel delight (only the yum topping bit though, who wants the gross part underneath?!) but maaaaaan those crisps looked appealing!!!!

Total calories: 900 ish?!

The gym is good fun though, I can't stress enough how much nicer it is going with Iain than going alone. Not only do you not feel like you are trying to "fit something else in" to your schedule (still quality time together!) but I also feel like it's a fun place to goof around too.

I did 10mins high resistance cycling, 5 mins on the elliptical trainer and then the rest weights etc. Still doesn't feel right to be doing so little cardio, so we're doing classes once a week and i will do an extra 30mins cardio whilst iain does swimming some days.

Tomorrow is our day off, we're off to watch Les Mis and eating out, which should be interesting!!!!!!

Currently craving a mcdonalds and hoping to start seeing some progress this week. And at least this plan is a nice distraction to having to worry about my financial woes!! :'( That's one thing this week has taught me - no matter what, Iain is always here for a hug and he'll love me whether I'm rich or poor or sweaty or craving squares. There's a lot more important things in life than money and houses and holidays, and one of those things is being happy in yourself and being healthy and having a supportive partner!!!!!!

Thanks guys for reading if you made it this far :D

Rosie xxx


  1. But.. a body need way more than 800 or 900 calories a day just to survive? The energy you need basically for your organs and your concentration and your heart. You'll get into starvation-mode if you eat just 900calories a day and then, after the 12 weeks, you'll gain all the weight back - twice!
    You need at least 1500 calories per day as you're working out!

  2. What he just said! ^^^^

  3. totally! what he just said! You are a young growing THIN woman! Your body needs to store for old age. Although at 20 I think is when the body stops storing but anyway...if you dont give your body enough of what it needs it starts using up that storage and when you are old you cant walk and function properly this is no joke.
    You dont need to diet! you need to stay healthy and working out is great! but dont loose weight and 900 calories is not enough