Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 1 - Rosie

So, Day 1 here we go.

Got home this morning and realized I had a packet of squares in my bag, torturous but managed to resist! High five to me. So far the intake today looks like this

- chicken slices, 100cal
- a handful of yummy sultanas, 100cal
- 1litre of elderflower flavoured sparkling water 20cal
- 1/3 chicken, roasted 300 cals
- 1 cup roasted veg 200 cals
-  corn on cob - 60 cals
- 1 banana 80 cals

total calories: 860

My main meal is currently roastin' in the oven.

As I'm short, I weigh less than most normal sized people but look the same. So I tend not to eat as many calories either. I usually have either one main meal + snacks per day or two main meals. Currently I also try to not eat too late (post 7.30pm) because I feel more bloated in the mornings when I do that - and that's one things I'm going to keep the same.

I'm swapping out my snacks for meat slices (mmm? :S) and fruit, swapping out coca cola for flavoured sparkly water and sticking to one main evening meal pre 7.30pm. I'll be eating a lot fewer carbs and a lot more protein. I'm interested to see how this affects me.

The gym was good, it's strange following Iain's routine and doing about 20mins of cardio and the rest weights though!! So far I can only lift 5-10kgs, haha. Feeling good today, excited to see what changes there are but I tend to be impatient with slowness so I might be eating those squares next week!! :P

Rosie xxx


  1. It's great that you're doing this with your boyfriend! Alone it's really sad and hard to see your family eat what they want in front of you. Good luck for this experience!

  2. Good luck sweetcheeks. Dont forget to be easy with it all can all get a bit too addictive sometimes i find. You've been stunning everytime Ive seen you my love and will be whatever shape and size you are. Strong is definately Sexy though!