Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 3 & 4 Iain

Day 3 was a rest day and ive been aching all over. Putting on my work clothes has been a massive effort.

I woke up and had a protein shake followed by a tasty lunch of salad and ham again, its getting boring so going to change it up and have chicken for the next few days.

I had steak for tea and went to the cinema!

Day 4

The aching has started to wear off and ready to hit the gym again. Starting to crave a nice lunch, but true to form I had a salad lunch with some nuts.

Its hard to find a nice lunch unless u pre cook food the night before and after a work out thats the last thing on my mind.

For tea I had salmon stir fry which was lovely and could become a theme over the next 12 weeks.

At the gym I did the same cycle as day 1 and will be doing the same next week.

Wk 3 a new cycle starts.

Ive added some pics of how to do the decline plank. Alternate your legs 4 sets 25 reps. Looking forward to completing my first week.

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