Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 2 Iain Big Cravings

Having spent most of my day wanting a pizza, mac donalds or nandos (anything with lots of fat) I was faced with a lovely plate of tuna salad for lunch! Wow what a delight, however surprisingly it was nice and tasted much better than ham salad.

I am beginning to feel Mondays session and I rewarded my body with a protein shake and nuts, how nice of me.

So todays session was lower body.

Squats 4 sets 8 reps (I have a knee injury so couldn't do this exercise)

Hamstring curls 6 sets 6 reps
Incline back extension sets 4 reps 8
Calf raise sets 4 reps 12
Hanging leg raise (photo below) sets 4 reps 15
Decline dumbell crunch (photo below) sets 4 reps 12

This work out isnt as strenuous as day 1 which came as a lovely surprise.

Bring on day 3.

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