Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 1

Day 1: Iain

A photo showing my body in its current state, nothing amazing but good enough for the plan!

A picture of my lunch consisted of, salad, tomatoes, peppers and lots of ham. YES it is as boring as it looks and I'm Not excited for 2moros lunch but it filled me up! Tuna tomorrow I cant wait ;)!

Just came back from the gym and I'm exhausted, couldnt complete all the reps but pushed as hard as I could.

Today was upper body: Incline bench press 8 reps 4 sets, tricep dips, 8 reps 4 sets, chin up , 8 reps 4 sets, rack dead lift, you guessed it 8 reps 4 sets. High pull 8 reps 4 sets and decline plank 4 sets 25 reps.

As soon as I finished,  down a protein shake and collapse to the floor. Thats what I felt like doing.

Tomorrow lower body.........

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